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Because My Dad Wanted His Photo On My Blog.

on April 11, 2010

Thursday was super busy. We finally (finally) finished the Kensington House. Yes, your eyes have not deceived you. The K. House is finished. Thorn removed! Then we headed to Adelle’s for one last girl’s night. Liz brought over a new song and we worked on that while Matt busted out some decent equipment to re-recorded our song. Now you can actually hear the lyrics!  I’ll post the complete version as soon as it’s ready!

We’re all wearing the same thing!

We raced from Adelle’s to my sister’s for movie night. This week was my turn and (you guessed it) I picked Twilight: New Moon. But since everyone except my dad had seen this movie, we decided watch it with Riff Trax. My dad was skeptical about it, saying that we could do our own commentary. Now my sister and my dad are probably two of funniest people I know so I don’t doubt that we could pull off our own commentary, but this is easier and we wouldn’t have to worry about getting drawn into the film and wondering whether or not Jacob gets to make his move on Bella or if Edward exposes himself to the Volturi. Why did writing “Volturi” make me feel giggly and embarrassed?

Marilu, Dad, Lizzie, and Elise awaiting the best night of their lives!

After wrestling with technical sync issues, serving food, and shooing the kids out of the living room (Brianna volunteered to baby-sit),we got the movie under way.

Our beautiful babysitter – who stopped babysitting to watch the movie.

The New Moon Riff Trax did not fail to deliver. While it wasn’t quite as funny as the original Twilight (Lllllaaadies!), it made my dad a fan. He plans on telling everyone about it.

Two of the funniest people I know.

They totally cracked Edward’s spray-on abs “…and theaters full of teenagers learned the hard way, that some things are best left to the imagination.” and Jacob’s ultra-white teeth “…whoa, hey there, slow down with the bleach!”

“He thinks they’re voting whether to renew the Maxim subscription.”

The best: “A hobbit lay here, and the other… they crawled… their hands were bound.” I believe the whole room cheered to hear Aragon quoted in a Twilight movie. Classic. Lord of the Rings rules!!

It’s official. I am a nerd. Damn.


6 responses to “Because My Dad Wanted His Photo On My Blog.

  1. lizzie says:

    probably the best blog so far!!!! the pic of dad is hil.arious!!

  2. Ruby says:

    No, I think that’s geek, Jessie. You are a geek.

  3. sara says:

    Yes but nowadays “geek” is cool! Well, geek has always been cool to me because I like those things too (two of my most favorite genres have joined forces: sci/fan romance! how much geekier can you get while still being a girl?) but at least now everyone else is on the bandwagon. Love your dad’s ‘stache! He’s got those awesome, rosy Kris Kringle cheeks.

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