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I Have Homeless People Feet.

on March 29, 2010

My feet are gross. And I am not talking modest-girlie-I’m-so-gross-gross. I am talking GASP-too-gross-for-words-gross.  I guess its the price I pay for loving to wear the same jank-ass pair of flip flops. Last night, I decided that I was sick of my heels snagging on the bedsheets and being mistaken for homeless people feet so I tried out this new-fangled recipe.

Remove the Homelessness From Your Feet
Prep Time. 5 min / Cook Time. 45 minutes

1. Start with two grody feet.

2. Add the AWESOME magical power of the Ped-Egg. Scrub Vigorously.

2b. There is much ick to get through. See?

3. Sand with a pumice. Repeat with smooth side if necessary.

4. Use a generous dollop of Sara’s Salty Sea Salve.

5. Et Voila! You are now the owner of a pair of non-nomadic feet.


8 responses to “I Have Homeless People Feet.

  1. jessielah says:

    1. Hmmm.. think there would have been more to this blog seeing as it took all afternoon.

    2. Clicking on the before photos is way nasty. Just FYI. I can’t believe my feet were so bad!!

  2. Ruby says:

    Wow. The difference. It is amazing.

  3. jessielah says:

    And it only took 45 minutes!!! Including my shower!

  4. matt says:

    Jess this blog is all kinds of wrong!!!
    3rd photo down! How could you subject your readers to that!!!!!! lol

  5. sara says:

    they look great! 🙂 so glad the scrub did it’s job…lol.

  6. lizzie says:

    OK can you pleasssse post a new blog …I cannot look at those yucky feet any longer!!!

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