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This Is What Happens When You Defriend Me On Facebook!

on March 9, 2010

What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!!!!

Sigh, sorry for the weekend lull, dear readers, but I was defriended on Facebook and it pretty much rocked my weekend. That was a joke. I am laughing because it’s hilarious to me. Yeah, defriend me. Really? Really? Sigh. Tear. Still laughing. Out loud. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately.

Ruby threatened to defriend me, but first asked what I would do if she did. Would I ever talk to her again ? She then became frightfully worried – and rightfully so because who else would she waste time with while watching the sort? Hahaha! I laughed (out loud, of course). I said I would never, ever, ever talk to her again – because that’s what happens when you defriend me, biznatches!! But then I thought about it. I’ve been defriended three times (and all have re-friended me… what can I say except that I. AM. AWESOME!!!!!) and I still talk to them. So it would be sexist and hypocritical of me to not talk to Ruby.  Besides, if I stopped talking with Ruby, who would I waste time with while she watched the sort? Eventually we just agreed that since we are not 15, we won’t defriend each other. And then I wrote “LOL”, but really it was just an open-mouthed smile.

So, what am I up to after two days of being defriended? Well, the boys and I went to make some music with Adelle (a song writing wiz) and Liz (country singer extraordinaire). We didn’t make too much music, spent most of our time chasing down Mylo, who couldn’t make up his mind about where he wanted to be and what he wanted to play with. Jaxon spent all night with Tim watching Veggie Tales, Thomas the Train (and those scary-faced trains!!), and Bugs Bunny. It was super cute to see them just hanging out on the couch together. Tim even got Jaxon a little sippy cup of water. Liz had to leave to go shopping and get Maddie, so Adelle and I gave up on the music and just listened to some new bands. It only took like a few chords. I am in love, again. Man, it happens so easily for me. This week my boyfriend is Last Days of April.

Doesn’t the front guy look like a young Eddie Izzard? (Do you have a flag?)

Mmmmmm… I’m listening to Ascend to the Stars (sounds like something on a Napoleon Dynamite shirt, right?) “Piano”. Ich liebe dich. Adelle said that when she hears it, she can just picture me driving in the sunshine, bopping around. Well that is exactly what I wanted to do when I heard it. Man, car dancing is AWESOME!!! I popped in the CD when I got into the Yaris and was hooked. I love the vocals, I love the pop beat. And why did I TOTALLY get caught dancing in my car. It’s kind of embarrassing to make eye contact with the guy in the car next to you while you are mid-bopping. I just had to laugh and keep going. The music wouldn’t let me stop!

Yes! Just fell in love with another track. “All Will Break”. I’m a sucker for emotional chords… god, Heaven. It’s awesome to listen to a whole CD. It’s disappointing when a group puts out a CD and there are only one or two good songs. Lately though I have been having better luck because it’s been a while since I’ve had 45 minutes of good listening. Probably since Kings of Convenience. Mmmmm… That reminds me of my FFXI nerd days. Hey, my level 70 Red Mage was a force to be reckoned with. Hahaha!! Man… now who wouldn’t want to refriend that kind of awesomeness.


One response to “This Is What Happens When You Defriend Me On Facebook!

  1. Ruby says:

    Dude. Jessie. I thought you were becoming a Dexter fan because the front man actually looks like a long-haired Michael C. Hall. He even has the serial killer look to him.

    So. . . yeah. Glad I decided not to defriend you. I was really on the fence for a minute there. If we were 18 again and Chris G was getting in between us I might have though. . .

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