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WTF: Two Things…

on March 3, 2010

Yay! It’s time for another WTF Wednesday. Today, two things caught my eye:

1. My mom has an incredible doily collection. Almost everything in her house rests on a doily. Per ejemplo… notice that the first photo has some double doily action going on (for the doily pervs among us). Be mindful that these NINE doilies are just the doilies in my mom’s Christmas-themed living room. I’m quite sure there are more lurking beneath potted plants and vases in other parts of the house.

1. My children are mess-making monsters. This photo of Mylo looks cute, but it was a nightmare to clean up. The only bigger nightmare was Jaxon’s mess. I like how he pretends to looked shocked, as if to say “Well, Mama, I don’t know who could have knocked over this can of green paint. Quel ‘orreur!

Hopefully these snapshots of my messy, doily-filled life will give you that chuckle I promised. Ciao tutti! (and that makes three I mean FOUR languages… BAM, suck it one language proficients. Hahaha!!)


4 responses to “WTF: Two Things…

  1. Junkyard Sam says:

    Ha! That’s a funny observation re: your mom, lol. Oh, and the kid photos aren’t showing up! :-O

  2. Ruby says:

    Fair dues. Fair dues. The chuckles were there.

    Your mom’s house looks like my grandma’s house. Except that my grandma makes all of her doilies. I should take a picture of the one I have in my apartment (that she made specially for me, of course) and send it to you. . .

    When did you become such a linguist? Hahahahaha!

  3. lizzo says:

    ok that did not give me a chuckle but a roaring belly laugh!! why did I not notice that mom has a crap load of doilies!!! you had better not let her read this blog now. she’ll get all mad about it!!!

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