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I Hate Dreamcatchers.

on February 26, 2010

Isn’t my late night, left=handed scroll pad drawing the best?

Dreamcatchers are one of the vilest things to hang above your bed. I hate them and I hate people who have them (sorry, but I do). They’re usually those people who try to say they are part Native American (and it’s always Cherokee Indian, because that’s the only one most people know about). Annoying. People who are into crystals are not any better. (Ruby!) You mean you’re not going to use that crystal for its magical healing purposes? You’re just going to hang it in the window, to dance in its moonlit prisms, in a broom skirt and an ankh while chanting to Manon and reciting lines from The Craft… riiight.

Since I’ve got an aching abdomen, I’ll leave you to your weekend with the Friday Five:

Not chating with the usual suspects (because of no. 4)
Reconnecting with old friends on Facebook and hanging out with them!

The never-ending work on the Kensington house
Being proactive and productive!

Target not having my camera on sale or in stock
Driving and singing with the windows down and the sun streaming in on me!

Changing squirming babies without a changing table
Being tackled by two naked, laughing babies and not getting peed on!

My aching abdomen

Going to bed early. Mmm… sleep!

I have come to re-realize the importance of sleep. It’s more delicious than any food and more refreshing than (almost) any drink. So good night, Happy Friday, and adieu!


4 responses to “I Hate Dreamcatchers.

  1. Ruby says:

    First! Hahahahaaa! Do you ever read those blogs where it’s a competition to be the first person to comment? Suck it, bitches. I am number one.

    Yeah, and crystals rock. Guess what you’re getting for Christmas this year?

  2. Junkyard Sam says:

    I bet you could line up photographs of “dreamcatcher people” and you could find like the top 5 characteristics they all have in common.


    PooPaw is my dreamcatcher. =)

  3. […] & Glass design… Hmmm, looks like a dreamcatcher to […]

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