adventures in awesomeness…


on March 28, 2009

I can’t believe the weekend is already half way over =(

I went up to Santa Ana for Kim’s Bridal shower today. I was the only person under 60 to NOT buy her lingerie. Even Chuckie’s mom got her a nice, modest, slinky thing. There must have been 5 boxes from Vickies…. and one from Fredrick’s. LOL, oh well. I knew she wanted the knives. It would have sucked to have gotten her something that wasn’t her style and then ended up in the closet. The shower was nice. Yummy cupcakes and coffee!!! I finally got to meet some of her co-workers I’ve heard so much about. Connie was really nice and lived in the same neighborhood as me for a while. Then she and Kim had this strange run around story (much like me and Stephanie) without ever meeting until they started working together. Strange how all of our lives were so close, yet so different… like a “Visit Mexico” ad. Anyhow, I didn’t feel at all awkward (as I thought I would) going some place where I didn’t know anyone except the hostess. No Matt or other buddy to lean on, LOL, but it wasn’t bad. I think it’s because I’ve been going to the gym on my own.

It’s been 4 weeks and going strong (average of 5 days/week). Before, I couldn’t go without Matt or my mom or a friend, and while it helps, it also hurts because if they don’t go, then you won’t go. But if you only have yourself to be accountable to, well… I’ve been going for 4 weeks now and I think that is something. Something awesome.

Starting Monday I’m going to focus on my eating. I’m just going to go cold turkey, hard core, 2 protein shakes and one meal. I think that, along with starting free weights at the gym, will really kick up the weight loss. I’m down 2.2 pounds and that is awesome, but if I don’t get back into healthy eating lifestyle, my weight loss will be extremely slow… and I cannot STAND the lump around my waistline. Like a deflated muffin top. Grody. My reward is buying some new sexy shoes for Kim’s wedding so I have to do good. I think I will.
Got to also get the kids on a sleep schedule that fits in with my workout routine. Jaxon is now only taking one nap (instead of no naps) but I don’t know what to do about Mylo. According to my book, Mylo should sleep right when my class starts. Ugh. He used to sleep in class, but not anymore. So hard…. anyhow, I’m going to get some shut eye. I have a TON of cleaning to do tomorrow. Fun. And two workouts!

Will check in soon to update on protein shake lifestyle. Wish me luck!!



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