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Throwup On My Bed

on February 27, 2009

Because baby Mylo put it there. Gross. Now I’ve got to clean it up.One second…

All clean. Now lets all HOO – RAH for Friday. Hoorah! I had a doctors appointment this morning with my surgeon. I’m supposed to go annually, but the last time I went was January of 2007 and the last time I actually saw my surgeon was sometime in August of 2006. So I was due for a check up. So two babies later I am up to 173 pounds. I gained 12 pounds with Jaxon and 13 pounds with Mylo. So I guess I’ve got about 25 pounds to lose. It was nice talking with my surgeon because he gave me a really easy way to lose weight: “Drink your protein shake for breakfast, have lunch, and dinner. And nothing in between.”And that was when I realized how much of a snacker I’d become. I never ate meals anymore. Even Jaxon’s”lunch” had turned into a 2-4 snacking session. Oh no! So I had planned on going to Starbucks after my appointment to get my delicious double tall extra foamy no whip peppermint mocha, but instead I decided to skip that, save the $4 and go home and make a protein shake. I’m drinking it right now.It’s not bad at all. It’s actually kind of good. So hopefully it will curb this voracious appetite I have developed.
I will also be consuming more water — you know, going from one glass a day to at least 6. Yikes. I drink no water. It’s all Coke Zero. And today I’m starting up my gym membership at the YMCA. Bally’s would have been nice to go to with my mom, but they couldn’t watch Mylo until he was six months old. At the Y, it’s 3 months, and until then, they have baby friendly classes. They also have classes at 7am, so I can always leave the boys with Matt and sneak out for a work out. I’m uber excited. And at only $35/month — that’s pretty cheap considering I get 2 hours of free child care a day. 14 hours a week. And soon it will be 28 hours a week. What a deal!

Okay… in honor of Friday… here’s this weeks Friday Five!

Bottom Five:
5. Carla not winning Top Chef — even though she could have if she hadn’t listened to that girl!!
4. A whining Jaxon… all day, non stop. Where’s my smiling, happy boy?
3. Trying to park the Kia in a tiny tiny space.
2. Finding out that there is 63 pounds of fat on my body. That’s a lot.
1. Having to chose sleep over seeing my husband.

Top Five:
5. Drinking this protein shake
4. Towelhead — have you seen this movie? If not, go out and see it NOW!
3. Finding out that there is 63 pounds of fat on my body and doing something about it!
2. Jaxon and Matt playing with their sticks and Jaxon pretending its a sword.
1. Mylo making eye contact with me and smiling. Precious!

Okay… well I will keep you updated about the protein shakes and my weight loss. I’ve got 24 pounds (of fat) to lose by December. That’s only 9 months away!!!

Catch you on the flip side!



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