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Wanted… Good Until the End

on February 24, 2009

So I finally got a few minutes to myself and I should have taken a nap, but instead I decided to watch Wanted. I think James McAvoy is the Scottish version of Matt (hehe) and I like Angelina Jolie (so glad she wasn’t scowling the ENTIRE movie — she’s so much more likable when she’s got a smile on her face).

Anyhow… instantly drawn in to the character of Wesley Gibson… of course, they should have made the Google websearch of his name a bit more realistic. I mean… no searches found? He didn’t even have his name in quotes. It would have been better if they said: Wesley Gibson.. do you mean Warner Gabbon? or something of that nature, you know, when you spell things wrong in Google.

I thought it would be TOTALLY cheesy and make me feel embarrassed for the characters, but overall it wasn’t bad. McAvoy’s American accent was good and I think the role of Fox was originally written for a man because there was this male bonding thing going on…either that or the leads had NO chemistry. But I like that there was not a lot of romance. Bleck. Like a bad ass like her would be attracted to a little shrimpie like him. I mean… even my husband was a hot and sexy bad ass rocker/artist type when I met him (little did I know that his favorite store was Target!)

However, the last line in the movie ruined everything. Wesley looking in the camera saying “What the fuck have you done today?”

I was almost angry. I was like, uh, I just wrestled two babies (one VERY much in need of a nap) to crowded ass Kaiser. I just stayed up all night feeding a crying gassy baby. I just cleaned an entire house. That’s what the fuck I’ve done today. In your face Wesley Gibson.

I do like that song “Bad things come in Twos” My boys!!

Aahahaha!! Jaxon’s awake. Ciao belli!


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