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Suite Jesus in San Francisco (day three)

on October 29, 2008

Although Jaxon kept us up all night by crying every two hours (on the dot from Midnight to 6am), we all woke up and got an early start on the day. We planned for breakfast at Denny’s and then we’d head into the city to pick up Matt’s art work, and then go to the pumpkin patch in San Rafael to get a pumpkin for Jaxon. After a lovely and perfect temperature drive El Camino Real, we found an IHOP. However, Jaxon passed out just as we were parking, so we decided to just to keep on driving (since our gas mileage in the Prius is so totally awesome) and ended up in Novato at the pumpkin patch. Jaxon woke up just after we ate and had a blast riding around in a red wagon and pushing a little lawn mower.

We decided to head down to 111 Minna early to grab Matt’s art. Good thing we did! Turns out that after Matt left the night before, nine pieces of art sold. One that was sold was later stolen. In a weird way it’s rather flattering that someone wants your stuff enough to steal it.  He was invited back to do another show. We packed up the remaining art drove to the Galleria for a celebratory lunch at the Olive Garden. It was another delightful experience. Jaxon was in the best of moods, our waitress was super friendly, and we had an excellent booth, excellent food, and 3 Andes candies came with our bill!!

After-lunch naps, Barnes & Noble…. a relaxing end to a perfect day. Matt and I enjoyed each other’s company, hanging out on the bed reading books until we fell asleep in each other’s arms.  And yes, it was that romantic in my mind… until I woke up at 2am to make sure Matt had his mouth piece in by poking him in the teeth, which I don’t think he liked so much.

Sunday we pack up and drove home. It sucked. We ate terrible food (well it tasted good, it was just bad for us.) Jaxon cried a lot and slept a little. However, 9 hours later we pulled into the driveway on Kensington and were glad to be home.


One response to “Suite Jesus in San Francisco (day three)

  1. JunkyardSam says:

    god I love you so much
    ***SO MUCH***

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