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It’s Dry and I’m Miserable

on October 15, 2008

I can’t stand it… I’m literally crisping away. You should see my feet:

Gross, I know. I could use my Ped Egg if it wasn’t still at Elizabeth’s house (God, I have GOT to get over there!) but then I would have to lotion my feet like crazy and then wear socks… and it’s way too hot for socks. I don’t even have pants on. My nose is hating this weather. I dreamt of crawling inside Jaxon’s nose with the bulb syringe to suck out all the yuckies. Everything in my dream was dry and dead… even the flowers.

We tried getting my dad to pick us up to go swimming at his houue but a mouse drowned in his pool and is still in there. Grody.

Debate night tonight. Hope it’s not another snoozer.

UPDATE: Best Debate EVER! Obama totally rocked it (despite what CNN will have you think). McCain was not on the offense. Attacking while not making any points of your own doesn’t make you a winner or “feisty”, it means you have no points, no details, nothing. So glad that we didn’t miss this one!!?


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