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Jaxon Turns One!

on October 11, 2008

Actually, he turned one on Thursday but we celebrated on Saturday with a Halloween-themed party. I was worried that the weather would be nasty but everything turned out perfect! I worked my butt off leading up to the party (with the help of my sister!) but it was all worth it. Everyone who RSVPed showed up and we didn’t have too much or too little of anything. The cake was awesome, although the raspberry filling didn’t go over too well with little Miss Brianna. Jaxon was on his BEST behavior. No crying or whining. He walked around the house, mingling with his guests, wrestling with the other babies, and eating an ENTIRE slice of birthday cake. I was nervous that he would throw up so no frosting. Jaxon loved everyone singing Happy Birthday, although I’m pretty sure he didn’t know that the singing was for him. The candles mesmerized him and the kids had fun blowing them out. He got tons of good gifts, including a glow worm that he kisses everyday (I think because it looks like him), a truckload of balls (so much fun to clean up from under the couch), a truck that scares him when it starts moving by itself, a savings bond (whoo hoo!) and a crap load of clothes and blankets which give me peace of mind when he’s asleep in his cold room at night!

I am glad that it’s over…. it was very stressful to plan… our house was in total disarray before I started cleaning. Next year we’re having an ice cream social. Very low key and low maintenance. Of course I’ll have Milo’s first birthday party to throw… but I’ll be a bit more prepared. I already have a banner!


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