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Back to Work on the Kensington House

on September 28, 2008

I’ve taken a break from painting to get back to work on the Kensington House. Jaxon’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks (I still need to send out invitations!) and I want things looking tip-top for the party. There is so much to do!! Last time I blogged, I think I had put up some curtains and started on the linen closet. I still haven’t finished the linen closet; the drawers need washing and re-lining. (God, I can remember washing the walls with Simple Green when I was a kid…) I finished the bathroom. Finally. The rest of the wall paper border is up. The inside of the bathtub has been painted. The shutters are painted and have been reinstalled. I even bleached the floor – although it didn’t do much good. There’s still always work to be done, but we’ll have to wait until after we get back from San Francisco when I have some $$ to spare.

Painting behind the oven was the biggest little thing I did. We replaced the old oven with a new one 6 inches smaller – exposing walls covered in grease and gunk. It was a nightmare. Absolutely disgusting. Little did I know that one coat of paint and a few brush strokes would turn grossness into goodness. The splintered, grease stained sides of the cabinets also got a fresh coat of paint and I finally tackled the kitchen trim. It’s still far from a dream kitchen, but the grossness factor has been brought down to a Level Orange. There is much to be done, so I’m trying to focus on the ones that will decrease the icky factor. Oh yeah… and I even installed ceiling fans. I am so awesome.


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