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What happens when you can no longer stomach CNN…

on September 10, 2008

…and have watched every episode of “Jon & Kate plus 8”, “Denise Richards”, and “What Not To Wear” at least twice? You surf the internet!

From I went to, checking out the development of 22 week old Milo. Then I wandered over to the Baby/Toddler section to check out 11 month old Jaxon’s development. Walking, getting into tons of trouble, protesting when I’m not with him all the time, trying to bark like a dog and attempting to escape through the front door… LOL! Yes. I decided to check out some new solid food ideas (I’m always under the impression that Jax is too skinny!)

I don’t know how I got from food to gay gerbils… but I did and this is what I found. It’s kept me amused for at least 2 hours and got me through washing the dishes.

According to the page I landed on, there is all of this controversy about banning this book “Uncle Bobby’s Wedding”. Let me preface that I have never read this book — I’d never even heard of it before 2 hours ago. All the information I’ve read about it, I got from the author of the BabyCenter page I was reading. Anyhow…. it’s about some little girl who’s afraid that her uncle won’t spend as much time with her after he’s married. I’m thinking… what’s so controversial about that? Oh, because Uncle Bobby is a gay guinea pig. Hahah! That’s funny. Now, I get it!! The question posed was “Should the book be banned from the public library?” I had a great time reading the responses that followed. Here is my commentary on the whole matter… and people in general:

The people who post at BabyCenter are MUCH more intelligent than the people who post on political blogs. Very few dumb responses. A few funny ones (gay hamsters, LOL!) But overall most people (whether they agree or disagree with homosexuality) respect other people enough not to push their views onto others. Cool. Not like the morons on political blogs who think that the rest of the world should mind their own business when it comes to US politics. Because we don’t influence their elections. Are you serious??? The comment revealed the poster’s stupidity on so many levels. *sigh* This is why America needs better funded public education.


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