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Things Are Well for the Family Cox

on August 29, 2008

Today started out as any other. I woke up with an unbelievably full bladder and wild hair. Ten minutes later my niece and nephew showed up (we’re going swimming at Grandpa’s today) and we all piled into the car to get coffee. Someone asked me if I was always a superwoman or if it’s something that happens after you become a mom. I laughed. You’d have to ask my sister — who is the real owner of three kids. I just rent them out occasionally. Then unexpected things started to occur. Matt runs back into the house with a huge package — ADDRESSED TO ME!! Yay. I never get packages. That doesn’t stop me from opening Matt’s, but it’s nice to have your name on the box. It’s from my mom-in-law. For my birthday (in 2weeks) she got me a Wacom tablet. BAD ASS! For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term, here’s a photo:

Awesome drawing power at the tip of a digital pen.
No more drawing and editing with the mouse!

Then, after Matt makes me swear not to touch anything until he gets home (I think he’s just as excited as I am, heh), I check my email and have an conversation from the curator Blakey Blass of RAG Co-op in San Francisco. They are interested in carrying my art on consignment! Are you serious!!! AWESOME!!! Totally awesome. And I have 4 new pieces finished, one 1/2 finished new piece, and 7 new sketches completed with two more ideas on the back burner.

Finally, Matt contacts me to let me know that he has sold 4 new prints. WHOO HOO!! Now we can buy new art supplies without cutting in on the new budget. Mmmm… art supplies. Hehehehe.

And of course baby Jaxon has made a full recovery from his 101.4 fever. He’s walking around and getting into EVERYTHING again, which I wouldn’t trade for all the sick snuggles. Healthy snuggles on the other hand… well I’ll just have to steal those when I can get them!!


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