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A Good Day to Be Excited!

on August 27, 2008

We’re having boy!

I’m 20 weeks (approx. 4 1/2 months) pregnant and yesterday Matt and I went in for a very extensive ultrasound where the technician said she was 95% sure that it was a boy. Another boy. I knew that Matt would give me all boys. That doesn’t mean we’re having another. Noooo, two was enough for my parents and it’s enough for me. It’s going to be exciting for sure. Hahah! We are very very happy – despite what everyone thinks. We’ve decided to name him Milo. (I’ll have to learn that song from the Phantom Tollbooth, LOL.) And I guess I’d better get started on decorating the boys’ room. Oh, I can’t wait!!

Last night after my heroic husband stayed up way too late again fixing my computer (yay, I have internet and networking capabilities!) he wakes me up to let me know that I have sold another print — and it’s been paid for (the last person to buy a print didn’t complete their sale). How super exciting for me.

I also decided to put my nose to the grindstone and finish two more pieces…

The Birds
acrylic and ink on 8×8 canvas panel

Bathroom View
acrylic and ink on 8×8 canvas panel

I’m not sure if I will sell the original of The Birds because I made some changes to the original sketch that I stupidly made in sharpie ink and the acrylic won’t cover it up. So you can see faint lines of the original sketch — annoying!! But I should be able to fix it on a print… We’ll see.

I’m starting on new pieces today. I want to have a total of at least 10 finished works by Sunday — when I reveal my new set of works onto the world.. hahaha…! Of course, who knows if anyone’s even looking?

Art is fun. Babies are fun — and cuddly when they’re sick. My little Jaxon has a fever. He’s a bit of a whiner but god, he’s affectionate. I love him so much. Mmmm… babies.


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