adventures in awesomeness…

Busy, busy, busy

on August 26, 2008

The latest piece in my new collection…

Welcome Home
acrylic and ink on 8×8 canvas panel

It makes me happy. Which is a good thing. I even explored playing with a third color. I wish the brown didn’t come out so dark. I’m learning that pretty much all saturated colors need to be lightened to get the desired effect. Still, it’s not too bad. Hee, hee, hee! I love making art!

Second…. After a very lethargic weekend (where I believe the only thing I did was “walk the mall” and eat out at restaurants) I finally stopped fighting the urge to do some housecleaning and got to work Monday rearranging my living room.

It was so cluttered before. The entertainment center took up the only free wall so the couch was barricading the fireplace and a built in bookcase. The entertainment center is gone now and the TV is up on the mantle (see Matt — it worked!) and the couch is where the TV used to be.

Our living room is so much bigger and cleaner. The feng shui is totally happening in this room now. I love, love, love it!!!!


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