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Red Umbrella and Other Works

on August 22, 2008

Introducing the latest piece in my 2008 Jessielah collection….

Red Umbrella
acrylic and ink on 8×8 canvas panel

Hurray, it’s finished and I am very pleased. Although it seems pretty simple and straight forward, it took a long time to finish (I did not want to mess it up) and to get everything just right.

Also, mixing paints is a pain in the ass. I am hopelessly trying to salvage “Princess Bree” which I took from one giant, freaky handed, booby bodied princess to a smaller princess and maybe someone else (or maybe that person will become a cloud…) I don’t know. Then I made the mistake of falling in love with a dark purple… that dries black. Then I didn’t mix enough paint.. so the piece is two (slightly) different colors.****Sigh.**** Needless to say, it’s on the back burner now. I’ve come to realize (as I started my third piece today) that I do better when I just do and don’t think so much about things. My first instincts are usually right on the money. Art (for me) is kind of like taking the SAT — go with your first guess because it’s probably right.

Anyhow… here’s a preview of my latest creation, which was inspired by me on the toilet.

Lovely, I know. But I like it. I was going to call it “Stinky Flip flops” because I’ve worn these one pair of shoes since April but “Bathroom View” makes me giggle. I’ve yet to decide what color to paint the flip flops… Matt sent me some suggestions but they had LOTS of colors (at least 3 new ones) that I would have to mix… UGH… that’s a fuckubus waiting to happen. So I think I’ll go with 2 colors, white tile-faces.

Why is my baby still awake??? He’s just in his crib playing through his nap. I guess I’d better get up and get him.

I’m working on a grand RE-Opening of my Etsy store and my web site, etc… Hopefully should be finished by the time my birthday rolls around. Will send out details as things progress… ok, time to get baby Jax.


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