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Quiet Time

on August 20, 2008

I woke up to the sound of kids calling my name. Stumbling to the door, I stepped in dog pee (thanks Wally). Then before I could do anything else, Jax announced that he was awake… and hungry. And is pretty much how the day progressed until now. I am so glad that I have the rest of the week off from babysitting. I love my niece and nephew… I really do. But today there was just too much going on and for some reason, my hopes for 90 minutes of quiet time never happened. My dad was out and about so I couldn’t drop the kids to go swimming (like we’d talked about earlier) while Jax took a nap. Then Jax wouldn’t fall asleep, spending my precious 90 minutes playing in his crib while the kids argued and complained about not doing what they wanted to be doing (playing xbox and having me help with arts and crafts). I had my own arts and crafts to accomplish, which I am proud to say: is finished… in theory. I experimented with some color on the computer so I wouldn’t mess up my original canvas painting and it came out pretty well. Too bad the red I want to use is toxic so no good painting around crabby kids and babies. I’m also working on my second piece, which may be reconfigured because Matt said my character’s body looked like gross, fatty breasts. Excellent….

Anyhow… I have a delicious DeLuca’s pizza headed to my front door which I plan to enjoy with little Jaxon while watching back episodes of Judge Judy. Ahh… Finally, my quiet time has arrived.

PS: Check out cute new pics of Jaxon at Matt’s blog.


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