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Too Many Projects

on August 19, 2008

I’m excited. August must be the month of creative flow. It all began when I started reading those Stephanie Meyer vampire books. They inspired me to pull out the old laptop and to start writing again. I even rearranged my bedroom and am shopping for curtains. Maybe one day I’ll finally paint the trim and install that ceiling fan… but let’s not hold our breaths. And while I still haven’t finished the kitchen, I want to reorganize the living room (thanks Liz & Tommy) and do something with the dinning room/office so it’s not such a clusterf&%k.

And I’ve started working on a new art project. Out of the blue, after several months of sitting untouched on, someone bought a print. I pretty much freaked out since I had done no promoting or anything since our move to San Diego in April. I didn’t even have my computer set up. Matt and I scrambled to get the print out and before I could stick stamps on the first print, someone bought another. And the next day I was asked if I wanted two of my pieces (“Lillian” of the Only Children series and “Half Empty”) to be showcased in the Design This Design That Magazine . I will be featured along with several other artist in the September Issue.

Very exciting!
So I’m back to the drawing table and trying my hand at painting on canvas. I’m a pen and paper (and occasionally watercolor) kind of girl, but I’ve decided to branch out and try some new things. (Thanks to my booble for the inspiration.) I am deathly afraid that the paint (I’m starting with a box of hand-me-down acrylics) will ruin the drawing so as a precaution, I’m scanning it into the computer first. But I’m not going to get wild with the color or anything so hopefully everything will turn out okay. And maybe it will generate some new interest in my work. But painting is tons of fun and a great way to fill that creative need I have. And it will save my husband from having to endure all of the half-finished projects in our house.


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