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Jumpin’ Jax Flash

on March 24, 2008

It was another beautiful day in San Rafael. It was a bit breezy but we managed to make it to the pool for a few minutes before Jaxon threw up (I even waited 45 minutes after feeding him!) There were a couple of nice girls who reminded me of my sister and I when we were kids swimming at the Allied Gardens pool — holding our breathes underwater and racing from one end of the pool to the other. Good times.

About a month ago, I talked Matt into spending $80 on this beautiful jumper. This afternoon, Jaxon went totally jumping crazy — I am so glad I was able to get it on camera. He jumped for like 5 minutes straight and then passed right out for the night. God, I love him so much.

Matt is currently working his butt off on this test for Sony. I hope he gets the job! I think San Francisco is where I would like to live the most — but with me not working, we can’t really afford the crazy rent. San Diego will be nice. We’ll have a real house, Jax will have lots of kids to play with, and we can go swimming at Dad’s or at the beach!! And I can take Matt to Mexico — he’s never been. Mmmm, October is lobster time. Whoo! Hahaha! Anyways, it can potentially be a great thing. And we won’t have our outrageous rent so we can afford a second baby and possibly start saving for a house down payment.

Beep Beep! Beep Beep! Yea!


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