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on March 22, 2008

I am of the firm belief that we are put on this earth to be happy. Eating, drinking, sleeping, pooing, making babies… are all things that give us pleasure because if we didn’t eat, drink, sleep, poo, or make babies then we as a species would cease to exist. But there has to be a happy medium. If you eat too much then you’ll get fat, if you drink to much you’ll get water poisoning (or at least a terrible tummy ache), if you sleep too much — well you won’t get anything done and won’t be able to afford the toilet to poo on or the room to make babies in (or the doctor bills!)

Saturday morning the sky was blue and the air was warm (sorry to all of you in other parts of the world where the idea of a skirt and flip flops in Mid March is just crazy talk) so I decided that I was going to take Jaxon swimming. We had a great day at Costco and Target — but why are Little Swimmers $10.99 and why doesn’t Target sell a generic brand??!!?? $45 bucks and a 2 hour nap later we were on our way to the heated pool. Even Matt came along, despite his disdain for anything related to pools and sunshine. It was a bit too chilly for my taste at 4pm, but Jaxon had a good time. The cutest part was when Matt (clad in dark denim jeans and a heavy leather jacket) looks down at Jax and me and asks, “Do I have a swimsuit?” He never had a reason to swim before Jax came along. So sweet!!! It’s moments like this that make life really great. We’re planning on going again today when Jaxon wakes up. Hopefully he’ll learn to love the water as much as his mama does!

And now it’s time to take the dog out to poo.

Happiness all around. – Jessie


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