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Ruby Time!

on February 1, 2008

Usually when Ruby comes to town we either sit around with the baby watching hours upon hours of Heros and Arrested Development, playing SceneIt, or shopping (although we’re both not working at the moment…), but this time we did lots of fun stuff.

First up, karaoke! With Matt home with baby Jaxon, Ruby and I headed down to the city near my old stomping ground for some karaoke with Ruby’s man, Jeremy. We “pre-partied” in the Yaris while waiting for Jeremy and came in contact with Jeremy’s old Chinese Man look-a-like. I also found some strange looking clowns. The place was pretty empty and since the bartender had a crush on Jeremy and his brother, we got free shots of tequila! After some strong drinks and some penis drawings, we got down to business with some karaoke singing. Ruby actually sang every song! I rocked the house with some Third-Eye Blind, Tainted Love, Journey (I’ve always wanted to sing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ ever since Peter and the guys did it on Family Guy!), and Bohemian Rhapsody. Too much fun!! It was very nice to get out! Once the boys get over their colds, it will be on again!

Then, Winter Wine Land. Well actually we didn’t do any wine tasting, but we did drive up to Santa Rosa for a few drinks with Kim, Sara and the gang. I had a delicious $7.75 / glass of Seghesio Zinfandel. Smooth but not too sweet. Delicious! I do wish Matt could have been there, alas, no babies allowed at the Flamingo Lounge (with a $10 cover!!) I skipped out on dinner at Willi’s Wine Bar (I heard they ate bone marrow!! Grody!!), but it was good holiday fun.


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