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The Last Days of Vacation

on January 6, 2008

Things are slowly getting back to normal after the holidays. Thursday I got an email from my boss about returning to work on Monday (egads!) and had to tell her that I had no sitter for Jax yet. Matt and I have been struggling about whether I should go back to work or not. My reasoning for going back seemed to circle around a $62 bottle of rejuvenation serum that I probably don’t really need but smells good. But after researching day care centers, I would basically be working just to pay the sitter!!! So I’m not going back to work. Besides, how could you leave this cute boy with a complete stranger for 11.5 hours a day!!!

I couldn’t! So I am officially jobless. Maybe they will still send me my 2007 Bonus. Probably not. Bye-bye rejuvenating serum. Saturday we went to Aroma Cafe to eat grilled cheese sandwiches and ended up having a very strange encounter with a very strange man. Now, I am not one to hold a 30 minute conversation with two complete strangers, preventing them from eating their hot and tasty grilled cheeses, but apparently, this man was. He used to be a Joe Everyman, but then found himself via his Native American heritage. I can only assume that this led to his departure from his Everyman job and the end of a “personal relationship — about a month and 1/2 ago” (relayed to us in a whisper). Matt had wanted to take this man’s picture for his blog and the man declined and then spent 29 minutes telling us why. And the strangest thing was… he kept telling us that “his image” was very valuable and that even before he became Native American (whatever) people used to come up to him and ask him for his picture all the time…. so they could masturbate to him at home. Now, this he didn’t say, but that coy smirky smile sure did imply this. We ate lukewarm grilled cheese and amscrayed asap.


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