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Between Holidays

on December 28, 2007

It’s that time between Christmas and New Years where you decided when to toss the Christmas tree, return or re-gift bad Christmas presents, and shop at Target for markdowns on holiday gear. Matt, Jax and I had planned to spend Christmas in San Diego, but because it was “too cold” we departed abruptly back to San Rafael. While I didn’t get to see everyone, we did manage to sneak in a night of Scene-It, Karaoke, and even a trip to Costco. It was pretty fun.

Christmas at home was nice because I didn’t have to change out of the bathrobe my mom got me for three days. Hurray for not showering. Just Kidding. I’m pretty sure I showered. Matt set up a scavenger hunt for my Christmas gift, which ended in a shopping spree in the city. After hitting Nordstroms, Bloomies, and a bunch of high price boutique stores, I spent half of my Christmas present at H&M. Score for buying the black blazer for 50% off what I was going to spend back with Ruby at the beginning of December!!

Matt’s parents came into town Sunday, so we spent all afternoon cleaning like mad. Our bedroom was a mess (which I still haven’t totally tackled). I instantly fell in love with Matt’s parents. They are great. We spent all night looking at baby pictures of Matt and hearing childhood stories.

After a wild New Year’s, we spent the next couple of days recuperating. We did make it down to San Francisco before Matt’s parents left on Thursday and hit some classic SF sites, including Giant Robot (Matt’s pick – obviously), Haight & Ashbury, Chinatown (including the crazily populated Stockton Street), Fisherman’s Wharf, the Embarcadero, and North Beach, where we ate at the always good Mona Lisa.

All in all it was a good vacation – although a very busy one. Check out the photos here!


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